Zhng It Korean Honey Butter Sauce


Honey Butter: The second best thing that came out of Korea besides BTS. For all the Koreaboos out there, this one’s for you — use it as a dipping sauce for your finger foods; use it as a toss-in to coat your dish; heck you can even eat it on its own, we promise we won’t judge.

No added MSG. No hormones. No Trans Fat. No Cholesterol.  But all that OOMPH.

Eggless – Low fat – Lower calories


Taste profile: Buttery, sweet and savoury.

Ingredients: Sugar, Butter, Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper. Contains thickening agent as a permitted food conditioner. Contains permitted preservatives (E211).

Contains milk.

Usage: Use it as you would a regular mayo — dipping sauce for your finger foods, salad dressing or on anything you want for that extra oomph in your meals!


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