Zhng It Korean Soy Garlic Sauce


Ingredients: Soy Sauce (Contains Wheat), Garlic, Sugar, Vinegar, Ginger. Contains stabilizer as permitted food conditioner. Contains permitted preservatives (E211 and 262).

Contains soy and wheat.

Usage: Use it as a dipping sauce for your finger foods or as a toss-in to coat your dish for that extra oomph in your meals!

Storage: Store at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening. Consume within 30 days

Nett weight: 200g


Soy and Garlic: A match made in Korean heaven. Soy good, soy nice, soy daebak – Perfect for when you’re on that K-drama binge session — use it as a dipping sauce for your finger foods; use it as a toss-in to coat your dish; heck you can even eat it on its own, we promise we won’t judge.

GMO-free. No added MSG. No hormones. No Trans Fat. No Cholesterol.  But all that OOMPH.

Eggless. Low fats. Lower calories

Taste profile: Rich savoury sauce with soy and garlic goodness. A Korean classic.


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