What is Zhng It?

Made for both the curious and serious plant-based eaters, beef up (or leaf up in this case) your meals with our meatless dips and sauces.

With ZHNG IT, you never have to sacrifice your tastebuds to live a healthier lifestyle – we’ve curated just the right taste to give your food that extra oomph!


Plant-Based Meals are Perceived to be Lacking in Taste

Many plant-based protein alternatives are misunderstood as tasteless, lacking in texture, or simply too processed to be healthy.  Which creates a barrier for adoption. The solution? Zhng It.

A Solution Created by Young People

Zhng It came about from a project with students from the Singapore University of Social Sciences to get people to adopt a healthier diet.

A Healthier World, a World that Shares

Be the guru for crafting revolutionary flavours in the healthy segment

Health Mission Through Taste

Break down traditional flavour barriers by creating tasty & unique food accompaniments

  • Advocating socially responsible, sustainable, and healthier alternative/ plant-based food through education
  • creating high-quality products that are affordable and accessible to more people

Healthy is Progressive

To all the planet lovers, progressive technopreneurs, crazy curious, taste hunters, healthy adventurers, fit bods, salad eaters, caring moms, and apple users: time to replace that calorie-rich thousand island sauce. We’ve created flavours that add extra excitement and oomph to your healthy meals. You’ll never have to sacrifice your tastebuds to live a healthier lifestyle…..who says being healthy is a bore