Healthy NEED not be Boring!

Our crafted flavours add that extra oomph to your healthy meals without the usual calories. You’ll never have to sacrifice your tastebuds to live a healthier lifestyle.

Korean Honey Butter Sauce

Not just for fried chicken … This sweet sensation loves pancakes, waffles, berries, ice cream, and plain toast. Or French Toast, bagels, muffins and banana bread. Honey, my tastebuds are home.

Mala (Mayo) Skewer Dressing

Electrify your taste buds from Aromatic to Zingy with this welcome waker-upper. Your burgers, tacos, poke bowls, sandwiches, grilled seafood, or even sushi will never be the same again.


Korean Soy Garlic Sauce

Don’t (fried) chicken out of new foodie adventures … this dashing dark knight brings out the best in steamed or crunchy greens, sizzled, stewed, poached grilled mushrooms, or just any protein alternatives.

Tomyum (Mayo) Dressing

Spice up your finger foods, wraps and salads with this savoury farmers’ marker favourite. Tastes like a fresh tropical holiday breeze that’s eggless, allium free, and woke with oat milk.

Real (Classic) Mayo

Mama mayo! This classic alchemy transforms any food into a gastronomical delight – whether you’re eating a humble ingredient, simple meal, luxurious indulgence, or an extravagant feast. Enjoy the full flavour without the guilt

Roasted Sesame Dressing

Open sesame! Finally, there’s a vegan version of this highly addictive aromatic dressing. Unlock tasty treasures in a variety of foods, whether it’s a humble ingredient, simple meal, luxurious indulgence, or extravagant feast. 


It’s the buzz from the good stuff we put in our lovingly crafted mayos and sauces.

I had some of the Tom Yum Mayo on my plant-based burger and Wow! It just changed it from plain to gourmet.


These new combos seem to work. Neither the Tomyum nor the Mala is spicy, but the flavours are spot on.

Mala gives a lovely peppery flavour with a slight numbing aftertaste. Tomyum has a nice lemongrass taste.


My family likes hotplate pepper rice. We managed to mimic rather closely the taste but it wasn't quite there. I'm so happy to have found these Korean Soy Garlic and Honey Butter sauces. Now, it's perfect.


What’s in the Name?

Zhng (slang) [chng] – most commonly used to describe a modification, usually an upgrade.

Be the Zhng-est tasting sauces and dressings for all-the-tarians